by Jeff Samson

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released March 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Jeff Samson Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Idaho folk music

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Track Name: I Saw The Devil
Verse 1
I heard the Devil speak the other day
He said “Boy, I’m gonna rip the heart right outa you”
I spoke back and I said “Devil, who are you?”
I won’t fight, cause I got nothin’ to prove

Verse 2
I sat and watched the news the other day
I was scared of it, of what it did say
It said “Hell is here; let’s join in the fun”
Well, I said “Woman, I’m not going, but go to Hell”

Verse 3
What if we could speak our minds?
Get out the thought that ruins our insides
But there’s no use in speaking out now, is there?
When we love the thoughts, and the demons (inside)

Verse 4
I saw the Devil run the other day
He saw God in me, so took up and ran away
It’s not over; he’ll be back soon enough
The fight’s been won, there’s nothing left to say
Track Name: Pray His Will, Not Yours, Be Done
Verse 1
We sing the songs that we sing
We do the whole laughing thing
But all the while, we see him hang
Up on the willow tree

Verse 2
We find problems, we use the gun
We fight, we judge the best ones
But I tell you, put ‘em on the shelf
We can be bigger than ourselves

Chorus 1
Don’t lose heart, yours was the biggest one
So much that, He gave His one and only Son
But you gave it up for a drink and some fun
So pray His will, not yours, be done

Verse 3
We say we can’t, we have our family time
It might change my mind or even cost a dime
But what’s worse, the loss of the holiday dine,
Or the death of all mankind?

Verse 4
We’ll run the race, oh you see
‘Till it ends or we’re set free
But when the end comes, the end’ll be
No more than our apology

Chorus 2
You think you’ve earned, more than the choice that you’ve won
But what’s more to lose, the choice or the sum
And you don’t seem to mind who’s will will be done
So pray His will, not yours, be done
Track Name: Fighters
Verse 1
My Father, he is; he’s a fighter
My Mother, she is; she’s got a fight in her

Verse 2
My Sister shows such beauty; oh, just the sight of her
We’re all fighters
My Brothers have love; that’s always been sure
We’re all fighters

I’m a kid myself, but I know what’s best
I’ve been roughin’ and tumblin’ but can’t shake this somethin’
That says... what I’ve been fightin’ for me

Verse 3
We’ve all been groomers, and we’ve all been killers
But somehow, we come back as fighters
And we’ve all been suckers and we’ve all been liars
And somehow, we end up as fighters

Track Name: The Difference Between You & Me
Verse 1
I see me when I look at you
We accept gifts as truth
But we’re all blind to the gifts received
Only see what we want to prove

Verse 2
Yet here’s one difference between you and me
I’m one that has fought to be free
You take refuge in the world alone
You’re a captive eternally

By the grace of God you’re not alone
You’re not alone; can you hear the voice inside?
Your will is strong and your heart’s done nothing wrong
There’s truth inside us all but none in fighting yourself

Verse 3
Dear world, please don’t write me again
I’ve no heart left for you
I wear my heart on my sleeve
But someone else will get to you

Verse 4
Wake up dear; have a look out there
There’s more than you here
How is it that you think you’ve come
From the womb alone when it’s clear?

Track Name: Look Up
Verse 1
I built a house and lived alone inside the woods
I stayed there as long as I could
Before I saw it was doing me no good
He said, "We're all living lives of a quiet desperation"
I started to believe him until I looked up at the constellations
The stars are burning bright
So bright and bright and far apart
Pull them together, though
They created a work of art

Look up, look up, look up, look up into the sky, love
You see that moon shining so high up above us?
It rolls around on account of a bunch of scientific stuff
I like to think it does just because He loves us

I left the lonely woods and I moved into the city
Traded those stately pines for concrete prairies
I didn't have to look up at the stars burning in the night sky
I saw them burn in the eyes of the people that were passing by
Some were bright and bright and bright and burning happily along
Others had sadly burned out long ago

Look up, look up, look up, look up into the sky, love
You see that moon shining so high up above us?
It rolls around on account of a bunch of scientific stuff
I like to think it does just because He loves us

I loved a girl once; never acted like I did or told her that I did
Because the ones before her; they didn't act very appreciative
Have you seen her? Do you know her? She looks so pretty with her hair pulled back
Tell her I would if I could, take all that time I stole from her back
Put it in a little pine box I made with my own bare hands
Filled with apologies, love, kisses, second chances

Look up, look up, look up, look up into the sky, love
You see that moon shining so high up above us?
It rolls around on account of a bunch of scientific stuff
I’d like to think it does just because He loves us
Track Name: The Fountain
Come to the fountain
Come fill your cup
Come to the fountain
Come drink me in

Children, come
Children, come
Children, come
Track Name: Bethany
Verse 1
If I couldn’t sing,
Would you sing me a song?
If I couldn’t walk,
Would you help me along?

If I wasn’t well
Would you hold my hand
Just come home

Verse 2
If I wrote you a note,
Would you write back to me?
If I stayed up late,
Would you read me to sleep?

If I was all grass and dirt,
Would you be my tree?
Or if thistles and brush
Would you be my weeds?

Just come home

Verse 3
Is this a sad song,
It’s not intended to be
Maybe there’s no difference
There’s you, then there’s me

You’ve got a friend when you need
And wherever you run
Far from being done
Well begun, Bethany

Slow down and let my heart
Catch up with your heart
Track Name: The Dragon Song
Verse 1
There was a Dragon
And his heart
Was bigger than all other hearts

This is the story
Of what his life gave
And the love that it contained

Verse 2
There was a princess
Yes, of sorts
Possessed much wealth, but she knew no more

She learned to dress up
Yes, quite well
But never learned what her heart might tell

Chorus 1
He loved her
He loved her
Loved her all with but one request

He said “Be my princess
My princess
What more can I ask of you?”

Verse 3
Unlike most dragons
He wasn’t looking
To devour but instead to free (her heart)

Her heart, but she
This one day
Oh she looked at him in this funny way

Chorus 2
So he ate her
He ate her
Ate her all and without regret

But he still loved her
He loved her
He loved this death

He’s finally found what a dragon’s supposed to be
Devour and to breathe fire oh so shamelessly

He wouldn’t go back for the world, not for anything
What a story to be told about how he got his name
Track Name: Lord, What Will Tomorrow Bring?
Now here I was sittin’
Just lookin’, lookin’, lookin’
Lookin’ for somethin' else
I’ve got a coat on my back
But I’m consumed with the thought,
“Lord, what will tomorrow bring?”

So I went a-walkin’
I’m wantin’ wantin’ wantin’
Wantin’ someone’s help
Then stopped by a man
I asked, “Is no one else here?”
He said, “Oh, what a dangerous thought!”

Confused, I started runnin’
Searchin’, searchin’, searchin’
Searchin’ for lost time
There’s a song that I know that says
“Sand runs through
the hourglass way back home”

For this girl I had a-fallin’
Delightful and adorin’
A single fault she had
She gave up everything
Just for me and this song
So I gave her up, I did
She’s her own first life to live
She needed to hear the truth
Since then, she truly lives

So I’m back here and I’m sittin’
Not lookin’, wantin’, searchin’
With nowhere else to be
I’m willing and ready
For the things of today
I don’t know what tomorrow brings
That’s OK, I’m OK, we’re OK
Tomorrow brings and free, I’ll be
I sing for joy and I sing for peace
Track Name: The Devil's Not Here To Stay
Verse 1
God, I just want to cry
I haven’t cried in so long
The filth I've only heard of, is now intimately felt, and deep within
If there is no release of pain, then there will be no appeal
We are one, and we are dying
We are one, we are dying

Verse 2
Oh God, all I want is to die
Not literally, but figuratively, said I
I want to let die my emotions, my pride, and my hate
What have we come here for, but to live and love with a clean slate?
How many have been here, how many to come?
The masses will come and the choir will sing
Most have sung, the rest will soon see
The young, the old; the beautiful, the ugly; the big, the small; the strong, the weak

We are one, but we are dying
We are dying
We are dying

God don’t let the devil
God don’t let the devil
God don’t let the devil
Get to me

We are one, and we are dying...

Verse 3
By the hand of the one with many names
He is hate and he is pride and he is pain
He is the explanation for your regret, self-malice and suffering
What he is is nothing; controls this world, not everything
His reign is short-lived, it will die with him in the end
He has limits and his short reach will die with him in the end
This is why I cry and what I let die every day
The devil, to hell with him, is not here to stay

We are one, but we’re all dying
We’re all dying
We’re all dying

Verse 4
Although some say one day his rule will lay at bay his array of hate, this is not fate. His law is to execrate, not obey. One day is today, and the Devil is here.

But the Devil’s not here to stay.

It’s not long now. Hold strong. Prove wrong the song of false law. Show true the light of The Lord and of all He is. He is strong, and He is the song of truth and love and forgiveness. This is His story; this is my story. And, with your choosing, this can be your story.

The Devil’s not here to stay.
No, the Devil’s not here to stay.
To hell with him, and it’s in hell he’ll stay.
The Devil’s not here to stay.